Offering Praise to the Risen Christ!

 The sermon series during Eastertide is based on the book by Chris Tomlin and Darren Whitehead entitled, "Holy Roar".  Together we will explore and practice the many ways we are called to PRAISE the Lord!

April 8: 
Holy Roar: The Hands of Praise
Psalm 67:3

April 15: 
Holy Roar: The Fools of Praise
Psalm 149:3

April 22: 
Holy Roar: The Music of Praise
Psalm 144: 9

April 29: 
Holy Roar: The Expectation of Praise
Psalm 56: 11-12

May 6: 
Holy Roar: The Songs of Praise
Psalm 22: 3

Ascension May 10—MOTHERS DAY
Holy Roar:  The Posture of Praise
Psalm 72: 11, 15

May 20th: Pentecost
Holy Roar:  The Shout of Praise
Psalm 145: 4