Sundays 4pm

4pm is a special time at Celebration!!!

We have designed a service where individuals of all abilities and ages can worship together.

What will this service look like?
     *We will provide a service that is interactive and will have the congregation engaged visually, kinesthetically and orally. Our goal is to have no more than 10 minutes of “sit and listen” at a time.
     *Resources will be provided at our “Sensory Station” for those who are seeking additional input during the worship service. This will include such things as sensory cushions and thera-puddy.
     *Singing will be done verbally as well as physically so that those who are language delayed can still “sing” praises to God.
     *An infant section will allow the youngest among us to remain in worship.
     *Music and Lights will be handled in a sensitive manner.

We hope you will be able to join us and we look forward to celebrating the uniqueness of each of God’s children as we all blossom into the beautiful creations God designed!


Following our 4pm Family Worship Experience, each week we will share dinner together, Potluck Style!  You are welcome to bring a dish of your choice.  If for any reason you are unable to bring a dish, no worries, there will be plenty to go around!  We do have warming ovens so if your food needs to be kept warm during worship we can do that!