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Rev. Melissa Pisco

Senior Pastor


It has been a source of great joy (and sometimes complete exhaustion!) to balance the life of ministry with being a wife and mother. I have been serving as an elder in the United Methodist church for over 16 years. My husband and I have been married for 17 years and we have an amazing 5 year old son!

As a family we love to spend time at Disney, play tag chasing each other around the house and sharing in family hugs.

As a pastor, I am daily honored to have the privilege of leading the people of God:

  • Worshipping together
  • Laughing and Crying together
  • Learning together
  • Serving in mission together
  • Helping each other to become the people God created us to be

It is my hope that Celebration will be a beacon of light, hope and love to our community and that lives will be transformed, by the grace of God, through the working of the Holy Spirit in and through us.